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The Easiest and Most Painless Way to Test Your Site

Built for Performance

Cicada was designed to create tests that simulate a virtually unlimited number of users without significant bottlenecks.

Not Just an HTTP Load Testing Tool

Cicada was designed to test distributed systems that weren't just API's. You can add any Python library of your choice to take advantage of Cicada's robust and clean interface for managing virtual users.

Automate your Builds

Cicada fits in nicely with CI/CD pipelines and can be used to painlessly add automated integration testing for your services.

Written in Python

Cicada tests and all their necessary machinery are written in Python and resemble familiar unit testing tools like Pytest. This makes Cicada very flexible and easy to use when simulating any situation.

Runs in Containers

Cicada is designed to be easy to run locally or across many nodes by packaging it inside of containers. This allows tests to go from your machine to the Cloud with ease.